Roulette Stories

With roulette being so old, fascinating and enticing to so many players, there are a lot of stories out there from high risk players relying on luck, to computer device cheaters who robbed the casino. What I thought I would do here is share a few of these stories with you.

Ashley Revell

The story of Ashley Revell is one of the most high profile and will probably be spoke about for many years to come. To cut a long story short, he sold all his possessions including his clothes, went to Las Vegas and put the entire lot on Red. He came out a winner.

There was some speculation on forums that the whole thing was a publicity stunt for his new online poker company but it was reported at the time by the BBC and apparently a documentary followed him in the run up to the event that was broadcast on Sky. You can watch the winning spin in the video below.

Joseph Jagger

Mr Jagger is often referred to as the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo in the 1870’s. Due to how long ago these events took place, details are sketchy and there are conflicting stories online, so I shall give you the general gist of the tale. Around 1875, Jagger and his team analysed the wheels at the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco and noticed that due to imperfections in the wheels, some numbers were showing more than others.

After many hours studying and recording the numbers, they set to work and bet on the most common numbers over and over, raking in the cash. Apparently, the casino soon noticed that something was wrong, so they switched the wheels around, only for Jagger to soon catch on and simply move with them. They say that he took the casino for £60,000 in just a few days which back in 1875 was the equivalent of millions today. He then left Monte Carlo, never to be seen there again.

Ritz Casino Plundered By Device Cheats

This is a story of a group of eastern Europeans who rocked up to the Ritz casino in London, one of the most upmarket casinos in the UK and took them for over £1,000,000 using a cheating device to tell them where the ball would land. The device was able to measure both the speed of the ball and the wheel and form an accurate prediction on where the ball would land, allowing the team to win huge sums of money in no time.

The casino soon realised they were being taken to the cleaners so they got the police involved but there was nothing they could do as no laws had been broken, so the team kept their money. Apparently, a new law was brought in to prevent anything like this from happening again.

Sequential Roulette – Pinch of Salt Required

In 2009, a man called Balvinder Sambhi was featured in a story in the Daily Mail where he claimed to have won £28,000 in just a few months using a system he had invented and that as a result of his wins he had been banned from casinos nationwide. The report then says that his intention was to reveal all in his book called Sequential Roulette: End Game.

Many saw the article as an advertisement for the book and the reviews on Amazon and various gaming forums are less than complimentary so it may be better to read this one for entertainment purposes only.

Tales From Regular Folk

The stories above are widespread stories that have been repeated many times, but I did a little digging online and found this forum thread about roulette stories from regular people like you and I, sharing regular tales from the wheel.

One tells a story in an old casino with the number 22 showing 4 times in a row and the casino closing the table. Another tells the story of winning $13,000 in just a few spins and the casino upgrading him to VIP for the rest of his visit. It’s worth a read.