Roulette House Advantage And Odds

All casinos have a house advantage with the exception of a 50/50 chance every now and then such as the pass line in craps. But I’m not talking about craps here, I’m talking about roulette and there’s a house advantage for every bet on the table – there’s no way around it. What I’m going to do here is talk about the house edge for both European and American roulette and then show you the odds of winning for each individual betting position.

European Roulette – This should be your game of choice because it has better odds than the American game. The house advantage is 2.7% which is still high compared to other casino games such as blackjack, craps and baccarat but you won’t find better odds with roulette unless you manage to find a French game which is pretty much the same but the o has a rule called “en prison” which gives you the chance to win back your outside bet when there’s a 0, but the game and rule are hard to find, especially in real casinos.

American Roulette – An extra green slot 00 can be found on an American roulette wheel and this is not a good thing for you, the player because an extra slot on the wheel with no adjustment in pay outs means that you get worse odds. The house edge jumps up to 5.26% which is nearly as high as it gets for casino games, so my advice would be to only play this game if there isn’t a better version available.

Now that you know the overall house edge for each of them, here’s a table that shows you the odds of winning for each bet type on both European and American Roulette. If you take the time to digest the odds for each bet and then apply that to the pay out ratio, you’ll notice that the casino has the advantage for every bet and this is something that no roulette system can overcome.

Bet Pay out European American
Red / Black 1:1 48.65% 47.37%
Even / Odd 1:1 48.65% 47.37%
Low / High 1:1 48.65% 47.37%
Dozen 2:1 32.43% 31.58%
Column 2:1 32.43% 31.58%
Line 5:1 16.22% 15.79%
5 Number Bet 6:1 13.16%
Corner 8:1 10.81% 10.53%
Street 11:1 8.11% 7.89%
Split 17:1 5.41% 5.26%
Single Number 35:1 2.70% 2.63%

You will notice that no odds have been provided for the 5 number bet on European roulette and that’s because it doesn’t exist on that version of the game. It is a combination of 0-00-1-2-3 but because European roulette doesn’t have the 00, you won’t find that bet.