Live Roulette With A Real Dealer

What I am going to do here is talk a little more about “live roulette” which in essence is the same as a normal online roulette game but rather than playing against a random number generator software program, you are playing against a real wheel and croupier which are streamed to you in real time.

So you play it like you would a regular online game by clicking on betting chips and then clicking on the part of the table where you would like to bet. Then things change because there isn’t a button to spin the wheel at your will. Instead, the dealer will spin the wheel every 30 seconds or something like that, so if you don’t place your bets in time, it’s tough and you need to wait for the next spin.

As soon as the dealer releases the ball, the camera will zoom in so you can see exactly where the ball lands. When live games first became popular, the streams were sometimes low quality which made it hard to see what was going on but they are now really good and seeing the ball and its landing position will be really easy. Here is a picture of a live roulette game from Ladbrokes.

Live Roulette

A Timeline Of Events

Online casinos have been around since the late 90’s but it took nearly 10 years to see the beginning of live games and a few more years on top of that for them to really take off. The first real live games were around 2007 and I believe the company was called something along the lines of “Smart Live Gaming” and you could also play directly on Channel 4 in the UK.

Then, slowly but surely, all the major players in the online gaming industry started to host their own live games due to demand from players and by 2010, live games could be found at all the popular online casinos. One of the reasons why they are so popular with players is because they prefer being able to see the real wheel, knowing that they’re playing with hundreds, possibly thousands of people around the globe at the same time rather than playing against a software program by themselves which also helps to ease their fears about fairness. When I play roulette online, my time is spent 50:50 between live and random number generator games.

Where To Play Live Roulette

As I said higher up, all the major players are offering live roulette so there’s no shortage of choice. My favourite casino is Ladbrokes and they offer live games that I’ve always found enjoyable, so they would be my choice.

The only drawback to live games is that they can be a little slow at times due to the fact that players are given time to place their bets and there’s no way of speeding things up.