Fair Roulette Games

Fair GameEvery roulette player on the Internet wants a fair game, that goes without saying. The problem is that a lot of roulette players have trust issues with the RNG (random number generator) and are scared that the game is fixed against them. What I’m going to do here is try to put some minds at rest about getting a fair roulette game on the Internet.

First of all, not many casinos have control over the software they use and are unable to influence the outcome. Software developers such as Playtech, Microgaming and Net Entertainment develop their software independently and then the casinos pay to use it. With these software developers, there isn’t someone sat on the other end, watching what you’re doing and then making you lose when the time’s right, it just doesn’t happen. So my first piece of advice would be to play at a casino that uses a well known software platform that is also used by other casinos as well.

Secondly, there’s a wide choice of casinos on the Internet so my line of thinking has always been to go with the ones who have the most to lose in terms of reputation such as Labrokes and Gala, who are two of the casinos where I personally play and recommend here on this website.

These are big companies and in a theoretical world where they are caught cheating, it would be a PR disaster and they would lose a lot of customers. On top of that, it would be hard to rebuild that reputation, even if they started again under a new name. On the other end of that scale, a small online casino that’s only run by a handful of people with almost no reputation at all can very easily just dump their name and start again under a new one if they’re caught cheating, so in my opinion it’s better to stick with the big companies.

Play on live games if you don’t trust RNG

Thirdly, if you are still unconvinced about the fairness of the software, you can always play live roulette instead which is a real dealer and a real wheel which you can see the entire time. It is just like playing in a real casino with the only differences being that you click on the table where you would like to bet. You can see the wheel and the dealer the entire time.

Even that isn’t good enough though for some people and they convince themselves that the video is not authentic and that instead it’s a series of clips and the casino pick which ever clip will give them the most profit on every spin. Some even think that the casino uses magnetic balls to cheat players out of wins. While I can’t comment on every live roulette game that’s ever been played on the Internet, I can confidently say that these scandalous tactics are not something you need to worry about at the biggest majority of casinos.


There are stories on the internet of cheating and manipulative online casinos, but these are from “basement operations” that aren’t licensed or regulated and they move on to a new name as soon as word spreads that they are a rip off. So long as you stick to the points I made above – well known software that’s used by lots of companies and well known casinos with a reputation to maintain, the games will be fair.

What you also need to remember is that the house has an advantage so you won’t always win. When you lose, it’s probably because the house has an edge and there’s always a risk of losing rather than because the game was fixed.