Roulette Made Simple – Helping You Learn The Game

Roulette WheelThis is Roulette Made Simple and what I do here is break down the seemingly complicated game of roulette to help you understand all the different aspects of the game. While at first glance roulette may seem daunting with many numbers, maths and bets to take into consideration, it’s actually very simple and I have covered everything that you need to know.

I’ve started out by explaining the basics on how to play, then I’ve covered the different bets, house advantage and pay outs. I’ve also discussed roulette systems that you can use rather than just placing random bets all over the place. Let’s get into it.

How To Play Roulette – The best place to start would be reading up on how to play which you can do here. I start out with explaining how to play in real casinos not only because it’s my preference but because it’s more complicated than playing online. The process starts by finding a roulette table with a spare seat and then handing some cash over to the croupier in exchange for chips. It’s very important to remember that – you need to buy your chips there and then, directly at the table. You can’t use chips that you have left over from other games because each player has their own colour on the roulette table.

Rules Of Roulette – Ok so you’ve read the basics, now it’s time to learn more about the individual rules of the game and the bets that you can place. You can start out by taking a look at the different bets and their pay outs. Once you’ve memorised them all, take a look at their odds and house advantage.

Roulette Systems – This site would not be complete if I didn’t talk about different roulette systems that you can use. It should come as no surprise that there isn’t a system that’s free of risk or can win all the time, it’s just impossible. Still, a quick search online will reveal many options, so I’ve written about some of the easier ones to understand systems which you can read here.

Roulette Stories – This is a fun page with stories of different roulette players around the globe, complete with videos. You can find stories of Eastern Europeans ripping off one of London’s most prestigious casinos for over £1,000,000 using a cheating device, the guy who broke the bank at Monte Carlo and the guy who sold all his worldly possessions down to his clothes so that he could bet it all in one spin of the wheel. See it all here.

My Recommendations For Online Play

Mr Green RouletteMr Green

The casino from Mr Green has always been one of my favourites. They are run by a software program called Net Entertainment and what I like about them is that they show you the hot and cold numbers as you play. They also have a lot of roulette games to choose from. Click here to join.

Ladbrokes RouletteLadbrokes

What I like about Ladbrokes is first of all the variety of games that they offer but secondly the wide range of options they give to customers. Not only do I use them for playing online roulette, I use them even more for my sports and football betting, all from one account. Click here to join.


32Red casino games are developed by a software program called Microgaming and while you don’t get the option of a free spin with them which is rather annoying, they make up for it with the design of the games and casino lobby which are all very pleasing to the eye. Click here to join.

Gala CasinoGala Casino

If you are from the UK, you will probably have seen a Gala Bingo hall in your local town or city and this casino is from the same company. The casino looks similar to Ladbrokes because they are using the same software but they are a great alternative. Click here to join.


If you do end up playing online, remember to play responsibly and take the time to read all the information that’s been covered because the more you read about roulette, the better prepared you’ll be. Good luck at the tables.